Our Mission

Our mission is to make learning easier and more fun.

We do this by assisting publishers and independent authors to publish their work with a great team of animators who help their characters come to life.


Supporting the children's literacy with learning disabilities is easy!

Round Library

The burning of the Great Library of Alexandria stuck with the Founder, Liv Dreams Tucker, all her life. "We are in one of the most exciting times in history!" Let's give animated books somewhere to live in the digital world. 

We are taking books of all ages into the digital world helping them find new life with new readers. Join us in creating a great animated library.

When you sign up to create an animated book, you will donate to The Imagination Library.


By you creating another asset from your work with us, you will also be gifting a child a book every month for a year. We will keep you updated on the books that are going out each month.

If your child has a story they want to be added to the living library, let us know.

Girl with Bookshelves

A little about our Living Library


Lifetime after lifetime there is so much wisdom we pass down and sometimes miss. We want to start the love of educating oneself as young as possible. Let's give our children our best.


Working with artists including animators, writers, illustrators, sound engineers, designers and more, we strive for excellence and hope to encourage dreams.


We believe in the person right next to you is one of the most important people you will ever meet and so is the next. Every interaction we have can have lasting ripples in the world. We are creating a culture as a family of loving understanding and kindness. We would love for you to join our community.

We’d Love to Work With You

Drop us a line if you want to join our team of book enthusiasts, voice actors, animators and sound engineers.