Meet the Founder of the Living Library

Olivia Marie Mamou Tucker started teaching when she was ten. “My mother has inspired my family all my life. She started her own business when I was around five. When I was only 8, she began teaching business classes even though she had a hard life growing up and could not finish high school. At 11, I followed in her footsteps by starting my own business by teaching music and art in my local community. Since graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I have helped local businesses launch and problem solve with my guidance and support.

Recently after becoming a mom, I recognized the struggle my children face; I realized that I could help my family and others by starting the Living Library. I wanted to build something my children could learn from and become proud of the impact we would make by starting this company.”


Living Library is focused on making children’s books into a format to help other children and the authors to thrive. As we turn their books into animated books, our app will allow their work to be accessed by millions.


Values are what can bring people together. Sharing these values in words and deeds helps them grow into responsible caring individuals. As a company, we are creating and facilitating more opportunities for families to share in the love of reading and giving back.


One expression of our values is the “Author’s Way” Camp for young readers that are writers of their stories every day. We want to encourage them to value their words, minds, education, saving, investing, and entrepreneurship. We will celebrate their voices.


Supporting the children's literacy with learning disabilities is easy!


We’d Love to Work With You

Drop us a line if you want to join our team of book enthusiasts, voice actors, animators and sound engineers.