What will you receive from animating
your book?

Living Library is exclusive to children's authors and publishers. We cater to the aspirations of writers, poets, artists, and publishers of children's books to help their characters come to life.

As our app launches, there is an opportunity for your books to live in our library with royalty opportunities among other streams of revenue.


Supporting the children's literacy with learning disabilities is easy!

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Why Use the Living Library
To Create Your Animated Book?

Not only are we dedicated to helping our children enrich their lives with beautifully illustrated stories with great values but ensuring the greatest quality. We want to support our youth with learning disabilities to achieve their dreams. Let's collaborate!

*On our platform, we give our clients the best rates in streaming revenue (or royalties) for their animated books.

Investing In Their & Your Future At the SAME time!

By gifting children more access to your book, you will create a new revenue stream for your family.

We can't wait to help your family succeed!

Let's make more kids happy!

By setting up an appointment, we can prequalify you for our animation program to get your books in the hands of more children.

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