Kid Camps & Our Potential Impact

What kind of impact do you believe your child could potentially have on the world? Why do we need to over-emphasize the limitations? Can we not focus on the beauty of each child's voice and story instead of dampening the spirit of an unbridled brain? Let's let their spirit ripple out into the world!!

Living Library's 2023 Animation & Writing Camps!

These camps will help children to see the potential in their stories and imagination. We will encourage them to express themselves and guide them in how to create and publish their work. Allowing them to start to build their personal legacy now. Showing them the power of their ideas and fanning the flames of their creativity with the power of technology to produce high-quality animations to rival the greats.

I have been afraid of saying what I am going to do. It has been a long time since I was humbled in the way I have been lately. Understanding that a woman is marginalized as just a simple norm. Being of mixed descent, I have also had to face the uncomfortable truth of how my skin affects others. I rejected these ideas ever since a child, my parents raised me with the belief I could do anything. I want to share the "Can-Do-Attitude" I was imbued with others.

A little more about the Living Library Camps

Empowerment of the mind and abilities of children is the focus of our future camps. We have two different focuses as a company:

  1. Supporting the Imagination & Education of Children

  2. High-Quality Animations

In 2023, we will have online and in-person camps over the summer. If you would like to stay up to date on our progress, you can sign up for progress reports and any exciting news we have.

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You can support the literacy of children with learning disabilities with the Living Library.